Banquet meeting room

Guidance of banquet

We offer a meeting and the room for parties.

Room name The JIB FORE JIB-FORE MIZZEN JIGGER BOW breakfast hall
Use scene Party / meeting / tea party / class reunion / graduation day reception / marriage ceremony 2 order meeting / Buddhist service /In addition to this
Width 66㎡ 105㎡ 170㎡ 41㎡ 40㎡ 122㎡
Remarks ※A room charge does not obtain the party only at a party charge.
Accommodation number(persons)
Formal dinner 30persons 50persons 80persons 24persons 20persons 40persons
Stand-up meal 40persons 60persons 120persons 30persons 20persons 80persons
School 40persons 60persons 120persons 30persons 20persons -
Tatami party 30persons 60persons 100persons 24persons - -
2F banquet floor plan view

Guidance of a meeting and party foods

All needs, such as a meeting and a party, are satisfied.

According to a request and a budget, a specialized staff responds to consultation.
You can use for the luncheon party of various forms broadly.

Dainty and refined Japanese dishes every season enjoyed through the senses.
Please enjoy the place of meeting of a master chief satisfaction in season.
Party dish
The buffet style of "Japanese and Western dish menu
It is "from the grand party to a homely party.
Year End and a New Year's party dish
According to "visitor's budget, I correspond also with [ corresponding to a menu ] all-you-can-drink.